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MRCB Member Calendar

  Event                     Location          Date                   Time      Status

Performance Band Rehearsals  Westview Sec Band Rm Tuesdays (until June 22)    7:30 pm   Confirmed

 Intermediate Band Rehearsals Westview Sec Band Rm Thursdays (until June 20) 7:30 pm   Confirmed

 ABC Band Classes             (completed for this term)


 Pitt Meadows Day Parade      Pitt Meadows         June 3, 2023             11:00 am   Confirmed

  Board Meeting                Nanette & Lee's home June 4, 2023              7:00 pm   Confirmed

  Year End Concert -Perf. Band Bandstand            Tuesday, June 27, 2023    7:30 pm   Confirmed

  Year End Inty Concert/Party  Bandstand            Thursday,June 29, 2023    7:30 pm   Confirmed

 Pops In The Park             Bandstand            Tuesdays in July 2023     7:30 pm   Confirmed

 MRCB AGM                     TBA                  September, 2023                     Tentative

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