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MRCB Member Calendar

  Event                     Location          Date                   Time      Status

Performance Band Rehearsals  Westview Sec Band Rm Tuesdays                 7:30 pm   Confirmed

 Intermediate Band Rehearsals Westview Sec Band Rm Thursdays                7:30 pm   Confirmed

 ABC Band Classes             Westview Sec Rm 1173 Tuesdays until May 9     7:30 pm   Confirmed

 NOTES: ABC Band -rehearsals have been extended to run right through to the May 16 concert.

  ABC and Performance Bands startup after Spring Break on Tuesday, March 28.

  Intermediate Band startups after Spring Break on Thursday, March 30.


Performance Band -LATE REHEARSAL START Tuesday, April 4, 2023 - 8 PM - 9:30 pm

 Port Coq. May Day Parade     Port Coquitlam       May 13, 2023            11:00 am   Possible

 Spring Concert               Albion Commun.Centre May 16, 2023             7:30 pm   Confirmed

 Pitt Meadows Day Parade      Pitt Meadows         June 3, 2023            11:00 am   Confirmed

 MRCB AGM                     TBA                  June, 2023                         Tentative

 Year End Concert -Perf. Band Bandstand            Tuesday, June 27, 2023   7:30 pm   Confirmed

  Year End Inty Concert/Party  Bandstand            Thursday,June 29, 2023   7:30 pm   Confirmed

 Pops In The Park             Bandstand            Tuesdays in July 2023    7:30 pm   Confirmed

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